Simply Servers works with all of the Valley's top caterers and personal chefs. We take a unique approach to working with our catering clients. We are not "temps," but part of your team. Whether you need a few servers to supplement your staff on an as-needed basis, or you want Simply Servers to be your "Staffing Manager," we will schedule servers for your events that will best represent your company.

Caterers and Personal Chefs Should Call 602.301.0645
for Pricing Specific to your Commercial Needs.

Our catering and personal chef clients generally specify how many Captains and Servers they need for their events. If you would like assistance in determining the right server to guest ratio for your event, please let us know!

We don't employee dishwashers or bussers, but our servers are always prepared to help with any food service related duty to make your event better. Please let us know about any special duties or requirements you have when ordering so that we can schedule the right servers for your events!

Holidays Special rates may apply for certain nationally recognized holidays. Availability for these dates is limited and advanced booking is highly encouraged! Learn more about Holidays & Special Events.

Simply Servers reserves the right to asses premium rates for special events under certain circumstances.